EXPERT GUIDANCE. EXPERIENCE. PROFESSIONALISM. Our sales team will ensure that you are well taken care of throughout each step of the selling process. We provide guidance on vessel preparation, pricing and marketing and ensure great communication throughout the selling process.

8 Reasons You Should List Your Yacht With

1. We Will Sell Your Boat Fast

Your boat will be prepped, photographed and listed on the worldwide MLS immediately. Dedicated email blasts to qualified buyers and paid promotion of your boat will put it in front of thousands of people within a matter of days.


We take time to learn your yacht so we can highlight all its best features. We identify and highlight each boat’s unique selling points so we can get buyers excited about your boat. All of our listings receive premium marketing to make sure that they rise above the rest.

3. Our Photos, Videos and Yacht Prep Make Your Boat Stand Apart

Our listings sell faster than usual because each yacht receives our premier listing treatment. We prep your boat for professional photography and videography and we utilize the latest technology in 360 photo tours and drone video to capture your boat at is finest.

4. Our Agents Love What They Do!

Boats aren’t just a job for us, they’re our passion. Our sales team is excited about each and every one of our listings and we can’t wait to show your boat to excited buyers. Working for our sellers is an absolute pleasure that we look forward to seeing great boats sell quickly.

5. Personalized Attention for You and Your Boat

We only take on clients that we can fully dedicate our professional services to. Our dedicated sales agent are incredibly responsive and ensure great communication throughout the selling process.

6. We Are The Established Local Experts

Our southern California offices have been around for over 20 years and our network spreads far and wide. There is not a brokerage that we haven’t worked with and we know all the major players in the boat sales industry. When you list with us, you get the guarantee that you will be connected with all the right people to make sure the sale goes through smoothly.

7. Our Reputation for Quality Listings

When we take on your listing, we are investing in the sale of your boat. We invest our time and money on presenting and promoting your boat in the best way possible and we can only afford to do that by accepting great yachts in our listings. Our reputation for quality is well known by other yacht broker, past clients and potential buyers.

8. Easy and Secure Buyer/Seller Digital Contracts

You can list and sell with us from the comfort of your own home using the industry leading YachtCloser digital contract. Our selling process is fast, easy and secure, with only a few clicks needed from you. Even though digital is easy, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our offices and put ink on paper, if you like to keep it old school.



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